10+ Best Beef Kabob Recipes

Grilling is the best and it’s a great way to bring the family together. Beef kebabs (or kabobs) and tender marinated chunks of steak on skewers are a pleasure for your taste buds. There is no limit to what flavors you want to add to beef kebabs but some vegetables like onions and mushrooms are always a good mix. Here are the 10 beef skewer and beef kabob recipes that scream BBQ season. Don’t forget to SHARE these beef kabob and beef skewer recipes on Facebook!

#1 Grilled Steak, Potato, and Mushroom Kabob Recipes

I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven. Enjoy a full hearty meal of succulent meat and roasted potatoes and mushrooms on a stick. These steak kabobs are sure to be a huge hit with your family. Get the recipe.

#2 Tender Beef Kebabs (Shashlik)

The key to moist and tender beef kebabs is to marinate your meat for 4-6 hours or preferably overnight. Once you do, this recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen will give you the best-tasting kebabs ever! Get the recipe.

#3 Grilled Asian Garlic Steak Skewers

Marinated for hours in a delicious Asian garlic sesame sauce and grilled to juicy and tender perfection! You just have to try it! Get the recipe.

#4 Grilled Steak Kebabs

It’s grilling time and these delicious steak kebabs with bell pepper and red onion are on the menu! Not only are they beautiful, but these steak kebabs will have you begging for more! Get the recipe.

#5 Asian Sesame Beef Skewers

I just love Asian flavors and these Asian Sesame Beef Skewers have my mouth watering. You’ll want to make these more than once! Get the recipe.

#6 Asian Beef Skewers

More Asian flavored goodness…can you see a pattern here? I love the ginger flavor in these beef skewers and they are also perfect as an appetizer. Get the recipe.

#7 Garlic-Mustard Grilled Beef Skewers

Unlike other beef skewers, these delicious gems by Chef Bobby Flay offer an entire slice of beef tenderloin on a stick. They are coated with a garlic-mustard sauce and grilled to perfection. Get the recipe.

#8 Grilled Steak Kabob with Pineapple and Pepper Recipes

As mentioned previously, the key is to be as creative as you want with kabob recipes. These delicious grilled kabobs offer Hawaiian flavors with chunks of sweet grilled pineapple for a delicious combination. Get the recipe.

#9 Beef Kebabs

Tasty morsels of beef, mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions are starting to look like the perfect combination for me! Get the recipe.

#10 Beef and Onion Kabob Recipes

I love simplicity when it comes to recipes and these shish kebabs feature my two favorite things: steak and onions. Get the recipe.

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