10+ Best Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

The Instant Pot is the perfect tool for cooking so many types of food. But where it really shines is delivering tender, flavorful chicken, beef, or pork every single time. If you love chicken, these Instant Pot chicken recipes offer creative and delicious meals in minutes, not hours.

Nearly any conventional chicken recipe can be transformed into chicken Instant Pot recipes. but these kitchen-tested chicken Instant Pot recipes will get you started with your Instant Pot in no time. With the flexibility of operating as a slow cooker or pressure cooker, Instant Pot can help prepare delicious meals around your schedule. Here are 10+ best Instant Pot chicken recipes that are simply delicious and it’s a challenge choosing the best one! Please SHARE these top Instant Pot chicken recipes and if we missed your favorite Instant Pot chicken recipe, add it to this list!

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