10+ Best Vegan Instant Pot Recipes

If you’ve ever tried meatless Mondays or even have regular vegan meals, you already know how healthy and delicious they can be. From beefless stew to sloppy joes, you’ll love making vegan recipes with your Instant Pot. While there are hundreds if not thousands of excellent vegan recipes, these Instant Pot vegan recipes are some of the best we’ve tried. Here are the 10 best vegan Instant Pot recipes that are simply delicious and it’s a challenge choosing the best one! Please SHARE these top Instant Pot vegan recipes on Facebook!

#1 Instant Pot Beefless Stew

This hearty stew recipe by Straight Up Food is so full of delicious chunks of potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and portabella mushrooms, you won’t miss the beef. Best of all, you can have this delicious stew ready and on the table within 30 minutes! Get the recipe.

#2 Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Brown Rice

With healthy brown rice packed with the flavors of cilantro and lime, how could you go wrong with this Instant Pot vegan recipe by Tiny Kitchen Capers? Cooking perfect brown rice couldn’t be simpler in an Instant Pot and this recipe is ready in 30 minutes. Get the recipe.

#3 Instant Pot Vegan Quinoa Burrito Bowls

These Instant Pot Vegan Quinoa Burrito Bowls by Detoxinista are healthy meals loaded with fiber and protein and are so easy to make. They can be enjoyed hot or cold and leftovers are perfect for lunch or as a snack. Get the recipe.

#4 Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

Whether you use fresh or frozen vegetables, this Instant Pot Vegetable Soup recipe by Susan Voisin is sure to be a hit. Use nearly any vegetables you like or use California and Italian vegetables as indicated in the recipe for a hearty, delicious soup. Get the recipe.

#5 One Pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

While technically not an Instant Pot recipe, this one-pot vegan Mushroom Stroganoff recipe by From My Bowl can easily be converted by following these instructions: When you get to step 3 and add the pasta, simply set your Instant Pot to low pressure (manual) and cook for 5 minutes and quick release when done. Resume step 4 and 5 and you’re done! Get the recipe.

#6 Instant Pot Aloo Palak Dal – Spiced Potato Spinach Lentils

Instant Pot Aloo Palak Dal or spiced potato spinach lentils never tasted better! This Instant Pot Aloo Palak Dal recipe by Vegan Richa is also gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free and perfect when served with roti. Get the recipe.

#7 Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry

This healthy Coconut Quinoa Curry recipe by Simply Quinoa is one of the easiest and tastiest meals you will ever make. While you can slow cook this meal, you can also use your Instant Pot on high pressure (manual) for 9 minutes. Get the recipe.

#8 Vegan Instant Pot Potato Curry

This Vegan Instant Pot Potato Curry recipe by A Virtual Vegan is incredibly quick to prepare, budget-friendly, and nutritious too! This Instant Pot vegan recipe only has 8 ingredients and you’ll love your Instant Pot when cooking up this meal. Get the recipe.

#9 Slow Cooker Vegan Lasagna Soup

This cozy Vegan Lasagna Soup recipe by Connoisseurus Veg has hearty lentils and tender noodles for the ultimate comfort food. Topped with velvety vegan pesto ricotta, this chunky tomato lasagna soup will have you coming back for a second bowl. Get the recipe.

#10 Instant Pot Vegan Sloppy Joes

Lentils, tomatoes, a bell pepper, and vegan meat are just some of the ingredients that make this Instant Pot Vegan Sloppy Joes recipe by Pass The Plants so mouthwatering. It’s quick and easy to prepare and perfect for a Meatless Monday meal or anytime! Get the recipe.