10+ Best Zucchini Bread Recipes

I remember not liking zucchini as a kid and even today, it’s not my favorite vegetable. But, shred it all up and put it into a cake or bread, and I’m all in! In fact, zucchini is a low-fat miracle when added to your favorite cake mix instead of oil. You’ll still get a moist cake but without all of the added fat and calories.

It’s also the perfect ingredient for quick breads and healthy zucchini bread is one of the most delicious cake loaves you can make. Here are 10+ zucchini bread recipes that are moist and delicious. If we missed out and didn’t include your favorite recipe for zucchini bread, feel free to add it to the list below. Don’t forget to SHARE these delicious zucchini bread recipes on Facebook.

If you like zucchini bread, don’t miss these recipes:

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