31 Flavorful Indian Main Dish Recipes Bring the Authentic Flavors of India Into Your Kitchen

Explore the most fascinating food dishes that offer the best Indian cooking and prepare them at home! Flavorful Indian main dish recipes that are so flavorful you won’t believe they are homemade.

The fragrant scent of curry and succulent tandoori-grilled meats is enough to make anyone’s taste buds sing. Enjoy these 31 delicious Indian main dish recipes and don’t forget to pair them with any of these Indian side dish recipes.

1) Spiced Pumpkin Masala

Spiced Pumpkin Masala Recipe.

Tasty pumpkin masala has me thinking of Fall already! Get the recipe.

2) Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken Recipes.

In essence, butter chicken is very easy to make. Combine equal amounts of tomato sauce and cream and add a variety of pungent spices but this butter chicken recipe has a great combination of spices and is one of the best. Get the recipe.

3) Schezwan Paneer Gravy

Schezwan Paneer Gravy Recipe.

A different, absolutely irresistible gravy preparation with paneer. Soft paneer cubes and green bell pepper cooked in spicy tangy Schezwan sauce is a very tasty and perfect combo for any Indian flat bread or flavored rice. Get the recipe.

4) Southern Style Dal

Southern Style Dal Recipe.

Dal is essential in Indian cooking and forms the main course for many meals. Get the recipe.

5) Tawa Pulao

Tawa Pulao Recipe.

Learn how to make this famous Mumbai street food at home. Get the recipe.

6) Dal Pulao

Dal Pulao Recipe.

A very healthy and tasty pulao. It’s also a protein-packed lunch that kids will love. Get the recipe.

7) Paneer Vegetable Pulao

Paneer Vegetable Pulao Recipe.

A colorful pulao with loads of vegetables and paneer. Get the recipe.

8) Peas and Baby Corn Pulao

Peas and Baby Corn Pulao Recipe.

A fragrant and mild pulao that your family will love. Get the recipe.

9) Sambar Sadham

Sambar Sadham Recipe.

A quick and easy vegan one-pot meal. Get the recipe.

10) Mili Juli Sabzi


A beautiful combination of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds! Get the recipe.

11) Puliyodharai Kuzhambu


Those who have ever tasted puliyodharai at least once will know how tasty and addictive it is! Get the recipe.

12) Jalfraize Rice


This is one rice dish that I prepare quite often as it’s easily one of my favorites. Get the recipe.

13) Ghee Rice


Ghee rice and gravy always make a sumptuous meal. Get the recipe.

14) Stuffed Capsicum


Stuffed capsicum is delicious and filling and they also go well served with naan or chapatis. Get the recipe.

15) Tricoloured Pulav


A three-layered dish with a variety of flavors and colors. It involves a little extra work but is definitely worth it. Get the recipe.

16) Dal Tadka (Tempered and Spiced Lentils)


A popular dish made with lentils that can be served with rotis, steamed rice, raita, and even roasted papad. Get the recipe.

17) Corn and Peas Pulao


Unlike the peas and baby corn pulao recipe in #8, this corn and peas pulao recipe uses sweet corn kernels and is just as delicious. Get the recipe.

18) Goddu Kuzhambu


Goddu kuzhambu is a traditional kuzhambu recipe from Tambrahm cuisine and goes well with rice. Get the recipe.

19) Paneer Butter Masala Pulao


Cooked basmati rice sauteed with paneer butter masala gravy is too good to resist! Get the recipe.

20) Paneer Kofta


A rich and flavorful North Indian dish that makes for a wonderful main course that you can prepare within minutes. Get the recipe.

21) Aloo Methi Pulao (Pulao With Potato and Methi Leaves)


A healthy and hearty one-pot meal consisting of cooked basmati rice sauteed with baby potatoes and methi leaves. Get the recipe.

22) Hyderabad Biryani


A Mughlai dish that is blended with many spices and veggies and cooked slowly. This version is vegetarian and simply delicious. Get the recipe.

23) Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu (Stew With Okra)


A spicy, tangy tamarind-based stew made with okra. It is a very simple but delicious recipe with a brilliant aroma. Get the recipe.

24) Northern Style Dal


While Northern and Southern Style Dal all start with tur dal and tomatoes, it is the spices that sets them apart. Get the recipe.

25) Beetroot Pulao


A spicy and flavorful one-pot meal made with beets and basmati rice that is perfect for lunch or dinner. Get the recipe.

26) Vangi Bath


Spicy and flavorful rice made with eggplants and a fresh spice blend. Get the recipe.

27) Jeera Pulao


Rice, vegetables, and earthy cumin seeds make this jeera pulao a healthy lunch or dinner dish. Get the recipe.

28) Methi Pappu


A classic dal recipe prepared with fresh methi leaves and toor dal that goes well with rice/roti. Get the recipe.

29) Spinach Kofta Curry


Spinach curry and koftas come together to create a truly exotic dish that will tempt your taste buds. Get the recipe.

30) Fish Molee


A stewed dish made with coconut milk, coconut oil, and fish adds wonderful flavors to the curry. Get the recipe.

31) Lemon Rasam (Dhuvadasi Rasam)


Perfect for a light meal or when served with rice and ghee. Get the recipe.

It doesn’t matter which Indian main dish recipes you try, you will find they are all loaded with authentic flavors and spices. Please SHARE these delicious Indian main dish recipes with your friends and family.

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