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I love to cook. I love to try out new recipes even more. I normally just search online for recipes but noticed that only the same handful of sites were returned in search results. Was this recipe truly great or did I try it simply because it ranked higher in search engine results? Search results that are determined by an algorithm, a computer program and not a person with cooking knowledge.

When it comes to food and cooking, nothing beats expert opinions by talented professional chefs, avid home cooks, and food and recipe bloggers. Pantreze lets YOU decide which zucchini bread or lasagna recipe you would recommend. Vote for your favorite recipes or add recipes you feel deserve to be called the best.

Our goal is to be the leading online platform for collecting and sharing your favorite recipes. Whether you are looking for a dish for your next dinner party or recipes for sumptuous desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, Pantreze can lead you to new cooking experiences.

Simple recipes are sometimes the best recipes and we encourage you share them all with your friends and family.


Founder, Pantreze

P.S. If you’d like a new feature or would just like to drop us a line, feel free to send us your requests to contact@pantreze.com and we will get back to you before you know it!

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