Boil Your Pasta in Half the Time with This Handy Pasta Cooking Hack

Boil Your Pasta in Half the Time with This Pasta Cooking Hack.

I’ve been cooking pasta for years and always followed the tried-and-true method of using LOTS of water and boiling the pasta until al dente. Well, there’s a faster way and you’ll get the same flavor and texture from the pasta.

Harold McGee, author of Keys to Good Cooking: A Guide to Making the Best of Foods and Recipes, shows us how to boil pasta in a frying pan with minimal amounts of water and this reduces boiling time which is usually what takes the most amount of time when preparing pasta. As an added bonus, because the pasta starts off in cold water, it prevents the pasta from sticking.


H/t: Chow

This method also saves a lot of energy since your stove won’t need to be at a high setting to boil several quarts of water. Please share this handy pasta cooking hack with your family and friends.

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