Try This Delicious Carbquik Pancakes Recipe Today!

Are you looking for a low-carb breakfast option that’s both delicious and easy to make? Look no further than Carbquik pancakes! As someone who has been following a low-carb diet for a while, I can tell you that finding tasty breakfast options can be a real challenge. But these pancakes are a game-changer. They’re fluffy, filling, and have just 1.5g net carbs per pancake!

Are you looking for a low-carb breakfast option that's both delicious and easy to make? Look no further than Carbquik pancakes!

With Carbquik, you can enjoy all your favorite baked goods without all the guilt. And these pancakes are no exception. They’re easy to whip up in just a few minutes, and they taste amazing. Plus, they’re a great way to start your day off on the right foot.

What is Carbquik

Carbquik is a low-carb, high-fiber baking mix that can be used to make a variety of delicious baked goods like pancakes, biscuits, waffles, and more. It is made from a blend of wheat flour, oat fiber, and other ingredients that are designed to mimic the flavor and texture of traditional flour-based baking mixes.

Carbquik Baking Mix, 3 Lb (48 Oz) (Pack of 1)
  • You’ll love the limitless low-carb possibilities of Carbquik: keto-friendly baking and cooking has never been easier. From low-carb bread and biscuits to keto pancakes and pizzas, Carbquik is the most versatile keto baking mix on the market. Whether whipping up one of the thousands of recipes using Carbquik from across the web or experimenting on your own, once you give it a whirl you’re sure to be wowed!
  • Low in net carbs for your keto and diabetic-friendly lifestyle: enabling you to drastically reduce net carb consumption, counting carbs has never been easier than with Carbquik. With only 2g net carbs per serving, Carbquik creates dishes with up to 90% fewer carbs per serving!
  • An everyday essential to find success and satisfaction with a low-carb diabetic-friendly diet: no more packing your pantry full of low-carb flours that leave you stressed and unsatisfied; easily substitute Carbquik in nearly any recipe calling for traditional baking mix to drastically reduce the net carb count of your favorite dishes. Your keto kitchen isn’t complete without Carbquik Biscuit and Baking Mix!
  • Carbquik is made from wheat, so it tastes like wheat:. from gritty textures to funky flavors, we know other keto-friendly flours and mixes can be tough. That’s why we created Carbquik: a proprietary, wheat-based, complete keto baking mix that enables you to enjoy low-carb recipes that taste strikingly similar to their standard versions. Finally, with Carbquik you can make keto-friendly dishes that the whole family can enjoy (whether they eat keto or not!).
  • Made in a nut-free facility: While many other keto pancake mixes, biscuit mixes, baking mixes, and flours are made with nut-based flours and meals, Carbquik is nut-free and made in a nut-free facility, making it the perfect option for those with nut sensitivities.

One of the main benefits of Carbquik is that it is much lower in carbohydrates than traditional baking mixes, making it a great option for people who are following a low-carb or ketogenic diet. It contains just 2 net carbs per serving, which is significantly less than the 20-30 grams of net carbs found in traditional flour-based baking mixes.

In addition to being low in carbs, Carbquik is also high in fiber, which can help to promote feelings of fullness and reduce cravings. It is also a good source of protein, which is important for building and repairing muscle tissue.

Overall, Carbquik is a versatile and convenient baking mix that can be used to make a wide range of delicious baked goods while also supporting a healthy and low-carb lifestyle.

How to Make Carbquik Pancakes

Carbquik Pancakes are a low-carb and keto-friendly alternative to traditional pancakes. They are made using Carbquik baking mix, which is a low-carb alternative to regular flour.

Carbquik Pancakes are a great option for those who are looking to reduce their carb intake without sacrificing their favorite breakfast food. They are also a good choice for people who are following a keto diet, as they are high in fat and low in carbs.

To make Carbquik Pancakes, you will need Carbquik baking mix, almond milk, butter, vanilla extract, and two eggs. Simply mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl, being careful not to overmix the batter. Then, pour the batter onto a griddle or frying pan and cook until golden brown.

Carbquik Pancakes are not only low in carbs, but they are also high in protein and fiber. They are a great way to start your day and will keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours.

If you are looking for a low-carb and keto-friendly breakfast option, Carbquik Pancakes are definitely worth a try. They are easy to make, taste great, and are a healthy alternative to traditional pancakes.

Can Carbquik be used in place of flour?

Yes, Carbquik can be used in place of flour in many recipes. It is a low-carb baking mix made from a combination of Carbalose flour, fiber, and other ingredients. Carbquik can be used to make a variety of baked goods, such as pancakes, biscuits, muffins, and cakes. It can also be used as a coating for fried foods, such as chicken or fish. Carbquik is a great option for those following a low-carb or keto diet, as it is lower in carbs and higher in fiber than traditional flour. However, it’s important to note that Carbquik does contain gluten, so it may not be suitable for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

Is Carbquik the same as Bisquick?

Carbquik is similar to Bisquick in that they are both baking mixes that can be used to make a variety of baked goods. However, there are some differences between the two. Carbquik is a low-carb baking mix made from Carbalose flour, fiber, and other ingredients, while Bisquick is made from all-purpose flour, shortening, salt, and baking powder. Carbquik is lower in carbs and higher in fiber than Bisquick, making it a better option for those following a low-carb or keto diet. Additionally, Carbquik does not contain any trans fats, while Bisquick does contain partially hydrogenated oils. If you are looking for a low-carb alternative to Bisquick, Carbquik is a great option.

Betty Crocker Bisquick Original Pancake & Baking Mix, Large Size, 60 oz.
  • PANCAKE MIX: Pancake mix that makes fluffy, mouthwatering pancakes, waffles and more
  • QUICK AND EASY: Just add milk and eggs, pour onto griddle, and start crafting
  • INGREDIENTS: This all-purpose baking mix contains no artificial flavors and no artificial colors
  • ENDLESS OPTIONS: Personalize your breakfast favorites with fruits, nuts or chocolate chips
  • BOX CONTAINS: 60 oz. box makes about 90 pancakes

Is Carbquik low-carb?

Yes, Carbquik is considered a low-carb baking mix. It is made from Carbalose flour, which is a low-carbohydrate flour that contains 80% less carbs than regular flour. In addition to Carbalose, Carbquik also contains fiber and other ingredients, which help to further reduce the carb content. Compared to regular flour, Carbquik has approximately 90% fewer carbs. This makes it a great option for those following a low-carb or keto diet, as it can be used to make a variety of baked goods, such as pancakes, biscuits, muffins, and cakes, without adding a lot of carbs to your diet.

Why are my homemade pancakes not fluffy?

There are several reasons why homemade pancakes may not turn out fluffy:

  1. Overmixing the batter: Overmixing the batter can cause the gluten in the flour to develop too much, resulting in dense and tough pancakes. To avoid this, mix the batter until just combined and there are still some lumps.
  2. Using old baking powder: Baking powder is what makes pancakes rise and become fluffy. If your baking powder is old or expired, it may not work as well and your pancakes may not rise as much. Make sure to use fresh baking powder.
  3. Using too much liquid: If the batter is too thin, the pancakes may not rise properly and will be dense. Make sure to measure the liquid ingredients accurately and adjust the amount of liquid as needed.
  4. Not letting the batter rest: Letting the batter rest for a few minutes before cooking allows the gluten to relax and the baking powder to activate, resulting in fluffier pancakes.
  5. Cooking at too low of a temperature: Cooking pancakes at too low of a temperature can cause them to cook too slowly and become dense. Make sure to cook the pancakes on medium-high heat.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make fluffy and delicious pancakes every time.

Try This Delicious Carbquik Pancakes Recipe Today!

Recipe by PantrezeCourse: Breakfast


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 1 cup Carbquik baking mix

  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

  • 2 large eggs

  • 2 tablespoons melted butter

  • 1 tablespoon granulated sweetener (optional)

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • Pinch of salt


  • In a large mixing bowl, combine Carbquik baking mix, sweetener (if using), and salt.
  • In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together eggs, almond milk, melted butter, and vanilla extract until well combined.
  • Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir until just combined. Do not overmix.
  • Heat a non-stick skillet or griddle over medium heat. Grease with cooking spray or butter.
  • Using a 1/4 cup measure, scoop the batter onto the skillet or griddle.
  • Cook until bubbles form on the surface of the pancake, then flip and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes on the other side, or until golden brown.
  • Repeat until all of the batter is used up.
  • Serve with your favorite toppings, such as sugar-free syrup, whipped cream, or fresh berries.
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