Cooking Bacon in Water Makes the Most Perfect Bacon Ever!

How to Cook Bacon in Water for the Most Perfect Bacon Ever.

How to Cook Bacon in Water for the Most Perfect Bacon Ever. Cooking bacon in water is the best!

There are a number ways to cook bacon. You can fry it, bake it, BBQ it, and even deep-fry bacon but Bryan Roof of America’s Test Kitchen shows us a new way.

Cooking bacon in water helps bacon remain tender but crispy at the same time. First, he adds just enough water to cover the bacon and brings it to a boil. He then lets it simmer on medium heat and finally brings the heat down to fry until it crispy and browned. Using this technique, you’ll get consistent results and have perfect bacon every single time!

Watch how to make the most perfect bacon ever by cooking bacon in water!


Nobody can resist crispy bacon, especially when it’s stuffed inside this potato bacon cheddar tart! Using this easy technique will yield perfectly cooked bacon every single time. Please share how cooking bacon in water helps you get perfect bacon every time with your friends and family.

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