Chef Saves Stale Bread Using This Tip and Has It Tasting Great Again in Minutes

Chef Saves Stale Bread Using This Tip and Saves Money Too

Have you ever bought a loaf of bread or a baguette only to have become rock hard the next day? Try this kitchen hack from Chef Sara Moulton and restore the soft and chewy texture of fresh baked bread back to your loaves.

On an episode of the Rachel Ray Show, Sara shows how she fully rinses the loaf of bread under running water (yes, running water!) and places it in the oven. Once she removes it from a the oven, it is soft and chewy again and removing the foil and placing it back into the oven will help restore the crispiness too.


A great tip to save money and prevent wasting good food. Please share this handy tip for restoring freshness to stale breads with your friends and family.

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